Whether you’re just returning from maternity/ paternity leave or going back to work after it’s been a while – being prepared will help manage the stress of your new life changes. Try these tips:

Determine the best child care for you – There are many things to consider when picking the right child care for your family. It can feel like a BIG JOB. Healthy start has resources that can help you look for signs of a good caregiver and warning signs of things to avoid. Deciding on the right child care before you go back to work will help ease stress of being away from your children during the day.

Practice – Before you go back to work, set your alarm clock early and try a few test runs of your new schedule. This will help you to decide what works best for your family and get everyone in a routine. Take note of things that you need whether it’s better rest at night or solutions for breastfeeding at work.

Know that you’re not alone — Stress is one of many emotions parents feel after returning to work. Fear, excitement and guilt are all along for the ride too. These feelings are normal and there are ways to cope and overcome. If you find that you’re overwhelmed you can ask for help.

Find more parent resources at your local CHS.

Teneshia Lambey, Healthy Start Program Director