Far too many families have missed the opportunity to foster because of common myths and misconceptions. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to change lives! The requirements and day-to-day expectations vary with unique circumstances, but a little knowledge can go a long way — especially when the right information can make a difference in a child’s life.

Fact 1: One parents households ARE welcome

Our families are very dynamic! Some homes have one parent, while others may have two. If you’re ready to open your heart and home to children while playing a special role in bringing families back together, then we want to talk to you!

Fact 2: You do NOT need to be old(er)

If you’re at least 21, you can become a foster parent!

Fact 3: You CAN have pets

It’s okay to have pets in the home. We simply need copies of your pet’s vaccinations, which must include rabies vaccinations. Each year, we collect new vaccination records and complete a pet risk assessment.

Fact 4: You CAN work outside of the home

Many of our foster parents have full or part-time jobs outside the home. Some families work from home and others provide care to children in the home full-time. However, children who require high-level medical care are best served with foster parents who can stay at home.

Fact 5: You’re NOT on your own

CHS is here to help. As a foster parent, you are part of a team dedicated to helping children and families. While you provide loving care to kids in your home, you’re also a key part of supporting parents as they work through obstacles so they can safely bring their children back home.

Plus, you have 24/7 support from CHS, right from day one. Our foster care licensing teams are a support system to help families navigate everything from basic CPR training to understanding a child’s emotional needs and outbursts and even building a relationship with the child’s birth family.

Don’t let misinformation keep you from becoming a foster parent. Please contact your local CHS office to take the first step in opening your heart and home.