From the moment they take their first step into adoption, adoptive parents are faced with unique challenges:

Attachment challenges

Attachment is an emotional connection between a child and a caregiver that is neurologically and biologically driven.  Adopted children have experienced several broken or inappropriate attachments with significant people in their lives. This history of loss makes it difficult for children from hard places to fully trust and feel safe with their new forever adoptive family.


Children in foster care have been removed from the care of their biological parents due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. Unfortunately, the trauma of the past is packed up along with clothes, stuffed animals and toiletries and carried into the new adoptive home. Most adopted children continue to struggle with trauma symptoms after they are adopted. Post-Adoption trauma therapy can be extremely helpful in allowing children to heal from their trauma with the aid of their supportive forever family.

Overcoming developmental delays

Childhood trauma affects physical, emotional, social and psychological development.  When a child is experiencing abuse, all of the body and brain’s resources move toward survival, thus neglecting the tasks of “normal” childhood development.

Connections with biological family

It is very normal for adoptive children to have questions about their biological family.  Why was I removed? Where is my mom? Can I ever see my grandpa again? Furthermore, social media has greatly increased a child’s access to information regarding their biological and extended family. It can be difficult to determine which biological connections are healthy and which are harmful to your child’s well-being.

These matters are tough. Navigating the way to help shouldn’t be.

CHS offers coaches and tips to act as guides all the way through your adoption journey. We offer support groups, individual and family counseling in-person or over-the-phone to help families overcome these adoptions hurdles. We can start wherever you are in your adoptions process – to meet you where you need us.

No parent, child or family should feel alone in their struggles to find the right available care for their family. Call your local office to take the next step on your bridge to success.