Technology’s a famous double-edged sword. For all of its benefits – convenience, access, anything-you-need-at-your-fingertips – it has just as many pitfalls … especially for children and teens.

Think about your days in middle and high school. It was tough enough to deal with peer pressure, bullying and outrageous expectations. Now add technology and social media to the mix.

As this article on reveals, teens are suffering from overwhelming anxiety – much of which can be attributed to social media, where they can easily become victims of cyber bullying or outcasts when they see they were the only one not invited to the party.

More frequently, however, is the false reality teens see, particularly on Instagram. As they watch only the rosy moments if their connections’ lives unfold online, they can easily become overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety or inferiority – and that can lead to devastating consequences if left alone.

But just as technology allows these challenges to seep into your child’s life, technology can also be the solution to helping your teen overcome such feelings.

When anxiety, depression, guilt and feelings of inferiority become too much to handle, help is literally just a click away.

With CHS’ telehealth solution – virtual counseling, if you will – your child can receive confidential, caring support in the comfort and convenience of home, using the technology he or she is so comfortable with already.

Don’t let social media take away your child’s joy – find support with CHS’ tele-counseling. It’s quick, convenient and confidential.