There are many myths about breastfeeding that can make new moms nervous or hesitant.  False information is scary but don’t let it keep you from nourishing your baby.  Here are the facts:

Your emotions, diet and family history cannot spoil your breast milk. Your body knows just what baby needs to grow healthy and strong.

As long as you’re eating the same healthy foods that you did while you were pregnant, your body will produce everything that baby needs. Studies show that breast milk can even change depending on the needs of your child to reduce illness and obesity.

For mom’s, staying hydrated and eating plenty of greens and protein is key to staying healthy, but you do not need to stick to a special diet to produce quality breast milk. Some foods, like Dairy and nuts, contain healthy fats that are good for mom and baby, but you do not need to drink milk to produce breast milk (another myth). Because breastfeeding burns calories, it also helps mom shed excess pregnancy weight. Did we mention you’ll save money without the cost of bottles and formula?

Breastfeeding is different for everyone and you may face your own personal challenges. You are not alone. Many new moms have questions about how to get baby to latch on properly and how to cover the cost of a breast pump (Hint: Your insurance may cover it).

Healthy Start has resources to help you with any questions, tips and resources.

Teneshia Lambey, Healthy Start Program Director