The first time we met Joseph, his gaze never left the floor. He flinched when the door shut. Though his bruises were beginning to heal, the emotional wounds from his abusive childhood were still fresh and visibly painful. He desperately wanted to believe in a brighter tomorrow, but he just didn’t know how. But, thanks to you, thanks to your generous support of Children’s Home Society of Florida, that’s starting to change.

Since entering our care, Joseph has embraced the support he’s found through counseling. He’s beginning to understand how to work through his painful memories. He’s learned to express his frustrations in healthy ways, and he’s learning how to find peace and solace through a newfound passion: art. And, since he’s joined a strong, loving foster family, he has formed a deep bond with his foster parents and finally understands unconditional love and acceptance. He’s even thinking about his future … he wants to become a counselor so he can help other kids find hope, just like Children’s Home Society of Florida helped him.

It’s because of you that we’re able to make a difference in Joseph’s life. Our many friends in the community, including our board members, honorary board members, Helping Turn Lives Around planning committee, East Broward Auxiliary, and all of our volunteers and donors help children like Joseph find hope and healing every day. Thank you!