Rebekka came into our care at age 16 and soon found her home at our Nelle Smith residence for girls. It was the move that changed her life.

At Nelle Smith, Rebekka explains, “had more support than in your average home with two parents … and not everyone understands that.” While at Nelle Smith, Rebekka thrived and blossomed into the proud graduate you see pictured above.

As we encouraged her to pursue her goals, she became captain of the debate and swim teams. With the support of CHS, she served as a Messenger in the Florida House of Representatives and, more recently, as a Page in the Florida Senate. And just last month, Rebekka graduated with honors from Seminole Ridge High School.

The other girls and our compassionate staff at Nelle Smith became her family and often traveled to support her at her lifeguard tournaments. Those special times together encompass Rebekka’s fondest memories growing up here.

Rebekka has received a full scholarship to FSU!

We couldn’t be more proud of this young lady. Rebekka will study pre-biological sciences as she works toward her goal of becoming a neonatologist. She hopes to work with babies and have an impact in the lives of children.

Because of you, Rebekka now has a bright future ahead of her.