Throughout her childhood, Alisha was expected to be seen and not heard. She was disciplined by the hand. She craved love and affection.

Alisha grew up believing that’s how all families functioned, and she continued the cycle when she had her first daughter, Alexa. She reprimanded her for curiosity and expected perfection. As her daughter grew older, Alisha saw Alexa’s self-esteem disappear. She was crushed.

During her second pregnancy, Alisha reached out for help. She didn’t want to make the same mistakes again. “I wasn’t quite mature enough to know how to parent because of the way I grew up. I wanted to do better for my daughters,” she shares.

After finding Children’s Home Society of Florida, Alisha noticed changes almost immediately. She experienced more joy after the birth of her second daughter, Laura. She learned how to be a better mother to both girls. With the help of CHS, Alisha began to practice patience, discipline without hitting, and show her daughters how special and wonderful they are.

Because of you, CHS has done more than help Alisha change her parenting style with Laura; you have helped her mend her relationship with Alexa.

“I’m very proud that I’ve changed my life and my daughters’ lives,” Alisha says. “I’m very grateful for what you’ve done for my family.”