My parents instilled in me at a very young age the desire to do for those who need and appreciate a helping hand. Throughout my life, I have done so willingly and without hesitation.

From running a lemonade stand at the age of 9 during Labor Day weekend to raise money for muscular dystrophy, to most recently enjoying the privilege of serving as chairperson of Children’s Home Society of Florida’s Intercoastal Division Board of Directors, I have always given back to my community in some fashion. And I have continued to keep that desire alive by encouraging my daughter, Shayna, to do the same.

Since she was a very little girl, Shayna has listened to me talk about CHS and, during her young life, has accompanied me to many CHS events over the years. By doing so, she has learned not only how fortunate she is to be in a safe, stable, loving home but also that, in many cases, other children are not so lucky. In those situations, it does take a village to raise a child. And there is sincere joy that comes from being part of that village.

As a parent, I believe it is very important to be a role model for your child and to surround your child with others who you consider role models. By engaging your child in CHS activities, you do just that – you expose your child to people in the community who set an example by giving of their time, money and other resources to those in need. These are the people who I want Shayna to emulate. Hopefully, she will do so by giving back to the community for the rest of her life. Should she be fortunate to be a parent, it’s my hope that she instills in her children the same desire to help others that both she and I have found so rewarding.

Jason Slatkin, Esq. is a member of Children’s Home Society of Florida’s Board of Directors in Broward County