Some may say our vision is ambitious: A world where all children realize their full potential.

Perhaps they’re right. But we know it’s possible because of our dedicated volunteers, donors and staff..

Staff like Raquel Moreno, a dependency case manager along the Treasure Coast.

In Raquel’s words:

In October of 2015, I began working with a 9-year-old child that had never been to school, had been sheltered, and trusted no one. This child barked, hissed, and meowed like an animal. The child was put into foster care and, for the first few months, the child would not speak much and kept her distance from anyone that would come around her. The child would not allow anyone to touch her or even come near her. In December of 2015, I attempted to have the child fill out the Christmas wish list; she was reluctant. I looked at her and told her is she did not fill it out, Santa would be upset and not bring her anything. The child looked right back at me and let me know that it was ok because she has never had anything anyway. I was in disbelief and felt horrible that she could feel this way. I definitely did not expect that. I filled out the wish list for her. The months went by and the child now runs when she sees me coming. The child hugs me and is able to tell me how much she truly loves school. The child can talk about the tiniest things in the world that might mean nothing to us, but to her they are the world. The child did not know how to use a water fountain at school. The child was very excited when she learned to use it and was able to tell me a whole story on how amazed she was that she was able to get water out of the water fountain. This child turned 10 and, on her birthday, I bought her a few outfits and a book, and the child was very appreciative. This child is in a loving home and thriving. The child is a perfect example of a warrior. She has had to overcome some obstacles that seemed impossible and is doing her best to excel in life. I can honestly say that this child has opened my eyes to so many challenges in my personal life. I love my job and know that these are the moments I live for. Every time I look at this child, I can see her spirit is on the rise. The child is so appreciative and caring. The child has learned so much and has made some great accomplishments. To see her smile means the world to me, because I know how much we take for granted every day. This child had nothing and knows the value of a minute.