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Contact Us

Main Office

1300 N. Palafox St., Suite 103

Pensacola, FL 32501


Executive Director

Lindsey B. Cannon, MA


Caitlin Newby


Dawn Leininger

Volunteer Coordinator

Jean Stout

CHS Events in

No upcoming events at this time. Please check back soon for updates.

Services Offered

C.A. Weis Elementary School

The Community Partnership School at C.A. Weis Elementary brings together high-quality academics, health care, counseling, support, mentoring and more—all where students and their families are comfortable: in their own school. Core partnerships include Escambia County School District, Children’s Home Society of Florida, Community Health Northwest Florida and the University of West Florida. Additional services include: […]

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Find hope Overwhelmed? Anxious? Angry? Sad? Struggling to make it through another day? You’re not alone. Counseling services through CHS can provide the help you’ve been longing for – for yourself, your child and your family. We all face challenges … and that’s OK. CHS empowers you to work through and overcome the roadblocks holding […]

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Family Visitation Centers

Protecting childhood, strengthening families Our Family Visitation Centers ensure the safety and well-being of children and adults caught in the middle of issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence or child abuse. Supervised visitation visits allow parents and children to spend time together to establish and strengthen bonds as they learn to […]

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For Teens

Turning 18 is a major milestone – exciting, maybe a bit scary. It’s the door that opens to your future: adulthood. Your future will be bright. We’re here to empower you to build the life you’ve dreamed of. If you’re at least 13 and in foster care, prepare for your future. Learn about Independent Living. […]

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M-Power serves teens and young adults who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and those who have exited foster care Who qualifies? Youth and young adults ages 16 to 21 who have exited foster care and those who are homeless. What to expect: When you join M-Power, you’ll find the path to realize your potential […]

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Post-Adoption Support

Guiding families following adoption In Jacksonville, Palm Beach and Pensacola, our  team provides resources, guidance and counseling — including online counseling — to families following adoption. Our goal is to strengthen families and enable them to understand and effectively work through trauma that the children may have previously endured. We cater care to each family’s […]

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Who qualifies? Youth and young adults ages 16 to 24 who have dropped out or are considering dropping out of school. What to expect: When you join YouthWorks, you’ll find the path to realize your potential. With the support of your YouthWorks Career Development Coach, you’ll: Develop a personal plan to achieve educational and/or employment […]

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Healthy Start

Expecting a baby can be very emotional You may be excited, yet nervous about what’s to come. Filled with joy, yet also filled with the fear of not knowing what to expect. Healthy Start is here for you. This free, voluntary program offers compassionate support and resources to pregnant women – many referred by their […]

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Street Outreach

Youth struggling on the streets spend each day trying to survive. At CHS, we believe these kids and teens have much greater potential — and, though our Street Outreach program, we’re connecting them with opportunities to turn from survival to success. If you or someone you know is living on the streets, support is available. […]

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Street Solutions

Street Solutions Street Outreach team provides basic needs and continued support to homeless and runaway youth ages 14-21. I NEED HELP   Who qualifies? Youth and young adults ages 14 to 22 who have run away from home and/or are homeless. What to expect: When you work with the CHS Street Solutions team, our team […]

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Healthy Families

When you’re a new parent, it can be overwhelming, confusing and, sometimes a bit scary The questions are never-ending! How can I keep my baby safe? How will I know if she’s making progress and meeting milestones? How can I console him when he cries? You’re not in this journey alone – Healthy Families is […]

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Additional Services:

TeenSpace: A teen pregnancy and parenting program in Escambia County for those enrolled in the public school system. It provides group and individual support to remove any barriers to the youth achieving their academic milestone.

Wraparound Support Services for families in the child welfare system as well as In Home Support Services in Escambia County.

Local Board

  • Cynthia Arnold,  Chair
    • Gulf Coast Environmental & Engineering, Inc.
  • Megan Fry, Vice Chair
    • Clark, Partington, Hart
  • Jerome “Jerry” E. Watson, Immediate Past Chair
    • Educator, Retired
  • Mary Adams
    • Guidance Counselor
  • Diane Bakarian
    • Manderson Realty
  • Steve Barber
    • Public Relations
  • Kandy Bellanova
    • Child Advocate
  • Jennifer Bone
    • Fisher Brown Insurance
  • Karen Brown (Honorary)
    • Child Advocate
  • Wendy Bryant
    • 1st Assure Inspections
  • Cathy Butler
    • Public Relations
  • Blake Campbell
    • Covenant Care
  • Nina Campbell (Honorary)
    • Child Advocate
  • Shelly Christopher
    • Hancock Whitney
  • Gary Michaels
    • Realtor
  • Michael Milligan, M.D.
    • Andrews Institute
  • Kelly Moulton
    • Pensacola Title Company
  • Pamela Nail
    • Sandy Blanton Realty
  • Abbie Offerdahl (Honorary)
    • Child Advocate
  • Aubrie Offerdahl
    • Studer Group
  • Haley Papajohn
    • Mental Health Counselor
  • Beverly B. Pica
    • Child Advocate
  • Donna Rawson
    • Child Advocate
  • Abby Rinke
    • Real Estate
  • Michael Sherwood
    • Financial
  • Teresa Shimek
    • Child Advocate
  • Jim Shirley (Honorary)
    • Fish House Restaurant
  • Pamela Schutzmann, Immediate Past Chair
  • Allison Sinrod (Honorary)
    • D.W. McMillian Trust & Foundation
  • Jen Smith
    • Child Advocate
  • Reid Torgersen
    • Torgersen Causey Insurance & Benefits

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