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Contact Us

Main Office

650 10th Street

Vero Beach, FL 32960

(772) 344-4020

Executive Director

Sabrina Sampson


Samantha Ramlall

Administrative Supervisor

Glorimar Michael

CHS Events in
Treasure Coast

No upcoming events at this time. Please check back soon for updates.

Services Offered


Considering adoption? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve been bringing families together through adoption since 1902. Adoption from foster care Hundreds of Florida children are waiting for a family to call theirs forever. You could turn their dream into a reality. Most of these children are older than age 7 and have brothers and […]

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Child Welfare

CHS leads the way in serving children and families involved in the child welfare system. Just as important, we lead the way in changing how we serve children and families. Protecting Kids: Dependency Case Management Children unable to live safely at home find security, guidance and opportunity with CHS. Our first priority is always their […]

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Find hope Overwhelmed? Anxious? Angry? Sad? Struggling to make it through another day? You’re not alone. Counseling services through CHS can provide the help you’ve been longing for – for yourself, your child and your family. We all face challenges … and that’s OK. CHS empowers you to work through and overcome the roadblocks holding […]

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For Teens

Turning 18 is a major milestone – exciting, maybe a bit scary. It’s the door that opens to your future: adulthood. Your future will be bright. We’re here to empower you to build the life you’ve dreamed of. If you’re at least 13 and in foster care, prepare for your future. Learn about Independent Living. […]

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The teen years can be tough If you’re struggling with your child’s challenging behaviors, you’re not alone – and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through CINS/FINS, we’ll empower your child to positively build upon strengths, coach your family through tough topics and provide an additional layer of support. SAFE HARBOR AND […]

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Independent and Transitional Living

Opening doors to adulthood Our transitional living and independent living programs open doors to help youth in foster care and young adults exiting foster care pursue meaningful, productive futures as they realize their full potential. Who qualifies? Youth in foster care ages 13 to 23 may participate in independent living. Youth and young adults ages […]

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Teen Life Choices

Every hour, another Florida teen has a baby It’s time to start talking to your teen about preventing pregnancy. Through our Teen Life Choices program, we work closely with youth along the Treasure Coast to encourage abstinence as the best – and only surefire – way to prevent pregnancy. Who qualifies? Students in St. Lucie […]

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Residential Care

Non-Traditional Residential Care We provide additional safety, care and guidance for youth in unique situations, not placed in foster care. Teen Parent Program at Buckner Place Provides safety and guidance to teen moms and their babies; empowers young moms to care for themselves and their children so they may become independent families. Offered in Jacksonville. […]

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Dodgertown Elementary

What makes a Community Partnership School at Dodgertown Elementary special? Health and wellness services will be available to students Students will have access to healthy foods Help with school work will be available to students We want you to continue to shape the Dodgertown Elementary community Dodgertown Elementary, a Community Partnership School is a partnership […]

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Additional Services:

Child Protection Team
WaveCREST Shelter
SNAP (Stop Now and Plan)

Local Board

  • Alex Ralicki, Chair
  • Tonya Lowe
  • Emily Mass
  • Mike McGee
  • Elizabeth Sorensen
  • Colleen Stuart
  • Stephanie Womack
  • Yvette Zamoyski

Honorary Board:

  • Janet Baines
  • Richard Schlitt
  • Marta Schneider

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