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You can win a brand new 2021 Honda vehicle by correctly guessing the number of birdies that will be made at the Honda Classic in March … and raise money for Children’s Home Society of Florida at the same time!

What’s a birdie you ask? A birdie is a score of one stroke better than par for any golf hole. Par is the average expected score for any given hole.

Simply visit this link choose your donation level, and guess away!

100% of your donation plus a 5% bonus will go back to Children’s Home Society of Florida!


Services in Palm Beach are made possible , in part, thanks to the Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Learn more at

Contact Us

Main Office

3333 Forest Hill Boulevard

West Palm Beach, FL 33406

(561) 868-4300

Executive Director

Charles Scherer


Rachel Spillane


Patrick DeSantis


Loren Young

Regional Manager of Community Engagement, South Region

Julie Robinson

CHS Events in
Palm Beach

CHS Heroes 5K

April 24, 2021

Event Details

Services Offered


We’ve been bringing families together through adoption since 1902.

Learn More

Post-Adoption Support

In Jacksonville, Palm Beach and Pensacola, our  team provides resources, guidance and counseling — including online counseling — to families following adoption.

Learn More


Find support, connections and resources to raise strong, safe, healthy children ready to learn.

Learn More


Overwhelmed? Anxious? Angry? Sad? Struggling to make it through another day? Counseling services through CHS can provide the help you’ve been longing for – for yourself, your child and your family. We all face challenges … and that’s OK. CHS empowers you to work through and overcome the roadblocks holding you back from realizing your […]

Learn More

Child Welfare

Just as important, we lead the way in changing how we serve children and families.

Learn More

Family Visitation Centers

Our Family Visitation Centers ensure the safety and well-being of children and adults caught in the middle of issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence or child abuse. Supervised visitation visits allow parents and children to spend time together to establish and strengthen bonds as they learn to rebuild trust.

Learn More

For Teens

Your future will be bright. We’re here to empower you to build the life you’ve dreamed of. If you’re at least 13 and in foster care, prepare for your future.

Learn More


If you’re struggling with your child’s challenging behaviors, you’re not alone – and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through CINS/FINS, we’ll empower your child to positively build upon strengths, coach your family through tough topics and provide an additional layer of support.

Learn More


Learn more about Model Mentoring and Project 18 Mentoring below.

Learn More

Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

This evidence-based youth development program build teens’ self-esteem and encourages healthy decision-making to improve students’ educational success, life and leadership skills, and behaviors and relationships.  The program helps teens develop healthy behaviors and life skills, while giving them a sense of purpose.

Learn More

Additional Services:

Safe Harbor Emergency Shelter
Wyman's Teen Outreach Program
Safe Place Shelters
Dependency Case Management
Basic Centers Program for Runaway and Homeless Youth

Local Board

  • Ken Clein, Chair
    • Wells Fargo Bank – Community Banking
  • Amy Reynolds, Vice Chair/Board Development Committee Chair
    • Tiger Woods Design
  • Davicka N. Thompson, Advocacy Chair
    • Thompson Creative Collective LLC
  • Dr. Daniel J. Brennan
    • Daniel J. Brennan, DMD, PA
  • Vincent D’Aria
    • Granite Telecommunications
  • J’Nelle Delica, DMD MPH
    • Delicate Periodontics & Implant Dentistry
  • Jett Heukensfeld
    • Granite Telecommunications
  • Angie Jabir
    • Lynn University
  • Fred Kempel
    • Retired, Florida Power & Light
  • David Light
    • Dazkal Bolton
  • Roni Puleo
    • Candor Investment Scouts
  • Mickey Wells
    • Humana

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