Originally posted by: The Miami Herald

Who we are as a community is built largely by our families, their histories and the storied traditions passed down through generations.

Over the past year, 87 kids in Miami have joined their forever families through adoption with Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS). With their newfound support and love, they’re adding to the fabric of Miami’s narrative of a brighter future.

November is Adoption Awareness Month, and CHS celebrates our many local adoptive families, but our work is far from complete. There are 89 children still waiting for their family. As long as there is one child still waiting, we will work tirelessly to find the right family.

It’s what we’ve done since we first opened our doors in 1902. Over the past century, CHS has played a role in more than 50,000 adoptions throughout Florida. We’re proud to continue our legacy to help South Florida’s kids and teens find the right home and the very best opportunities to thrive.

Is it easy? Absolutely not. But these kids need us — and you. We cannot successfully do this alone. The children we help along their adoption journey have seen incredible hardship and heartbreak in their search for stability. While each child’s story is unique, they all share a common thread: They held on to the hope that the right family was waiting to embrace them.
It’s not just the children whose lives transform with adoption.

Parents, siblings and entire families are forever changed by the beauty and hope of adoption. But we can only take our first step when potential adoptive parents take theirs — with a phone call.

If you’ve ever considered adoption, call (305) 969-4315 or visit www.chsfl.org/adoption.