Mother’s Day was conceived to honor mothers, but many moms lack resources and support. One local nonprofit organization wants to help their transition into parenthood.

Triana Levy had her son Junior at age 18. Now at 21 and with a newborn daughter, Milani, she wants to make sure her children have a better childhood than her own.

“I love them,” Levy told NBC 6 during a “Baby Shower” event co-hosted by Children’s Home Society of Miami-Dade County and American Airlines.

The event included everything you’d expect from a traditional baby shower – other than the learning session designed to educate mothers on how to best care for newborns.

CHS Volunteer Coordinator Maria Santos came up with the idea three years ago when her former boss asked her what they can do for the moms in the program.

“We recognize that being a new mom doesn’t come with an instruction manual,” CHS Regional Executive Director Shawn Naugle said. “We help [families] deal with those stresses and challenges of being new parents.”

The mothers and expectant mothers who were invited are part of two core CHS programs: Healthy Families, a voluntary program aimed to prevent child abuse in which CHS visits homes, and Family Preservation and Stabilization, a thorough 24-week program to aid parents struggling with homelessness, substance abuse and domestic violence.

The struggle these mothers face include poverty, violence and unemployment. Some deal with parenthood alone.

Levy’s no stranger to the challenges of being a mom. According to her, stability, patience and enjoying the journey are requirements of being a good mother.

“I’m looking forward to growing my son in the right way and letting him know he’s loved,” Levy said.

Recognizing the struggles mothers deal with, CHS and American Airlines wanted to hold a special event to encourage, empower and support mothers who may lack resources.

“We believe that every day is Mother’s Day,” Naugle said.

A group from American Airlines volunteered to give moms packaged gifts that included necessities such as clothes, blankets, diapers and wipes. Moms also won prizes like gift baskets through games and raffles.

Januiry Chamorro said she wants to be the best mom she can be. She’s expecting her first child in mid-May and attended the baby shower with her husband so they can learn about parenthood.

“I am nervous. It’s kinda scary. Everything is so new for me,” Chamorro said.

originally posted by: NBC Miami