Today and every day, we salute our veterans and extend our gratitude for their service. They are our relatives, friends, neighbors and fellow team members.

They’re passionate about empowering others on the homefront and beyond, so this Veterans Day, we asked: “What does doing good mean to you?

“To me, doing good is honorably serving your country without any hesitation or doubt. One of my most memorable time periods in the Navy followed the outbreak of Desert Storm in 1990, during which I prepared myself and served.  A second memorable time took place following the 9/11 attacks on America in 2001. Once again, I prepared most of my reserve unit to be recalled to active duty in which many served in Iraq and overseas. I am proud to have served.

“Doing good to me means doing the right thing no matter what.  It is important for me to ‘do good’, for no other reason than because it is the right thing to do. I was raised that way and the Navy strengthened that value for me.”

“I’m proud to be a veteran, having spent 4 years as an Electronics Technician in the US Navy. This is where I learned to work hard, be part of a team, and push myself beyond what I thought were my limits.

When my military contract was ‘up’, I went back to school and took (among others) a Philosophy of Religion class where I learned about the Buddhist concept of Right Livelihood. I knew then, whatever post-military career I chose, I wanted to earn a living doing something that wouldn’t be in conflict with my morals, where I could do good and make a difference.

Today, I’m even more proud of the work I do as part of Team CHS. So, how do I do good?

I believe, simply by choosing to earn my livelihood at CHS (for 8 years now), I do good.

I do good for my co-workers when I have a good attitude and treat everyone with dignity and respect or when I help them complete a task or assignment.

I do good for my team by supporting them behind the scenes in their mission of Building Bridges to Success for Children.

I do good for my community by working at an organization that prioritizes and lifts up its most vulnerable.

I do good for my family by staying with CHS,  an employer who allows me to prioritize my family,  and also by setting a good example for my daughter, so that someday she too might choose a ‘right livelihood’ career.

Lastly, I do good for myself. I sleep really well at night knowing that the work we do at CHS is helping to make the world a better place.

“As an Army veteran, post-military for nearly 5 years, I continue to mirror the values instilled in me as a child and throughout my military career.  My parents always taught me and my siblings to live life to the fullest, be respectful of all people, cultures, and religions, love and care for others and most of all to be thankful for all the many blessings.  They all remain true for me as I seek out my place as a ‘civilian,’ as we say.  I have added two new lessons to the list: to use my gifts and talents to help others and to start doing things that bring me happiness and fulfillment.”

“To me, doing good means being fine with no worries, which is how I feel all children should feel in their homes. While working in this field I have encountered several children who felt scared and confused because of their placement in homes away from their parents and sometimes their siblings. Some of the kids have even asked me ‘when can I go home or why can’t I go home’. I believe that I have made a difference in many ways in my lifetime. I served my country in the U.S. Army and was deployed to the Gulf War in Operation Desert Shield. While working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, I guarded some of the most dangerous men in the world. During that time, I also picked up American citizens who’d been incarcerated in foreign prisons so I could escort them back to the United States. But the job that I’m doing now, helping kids and helping them feel safe as they go through the child welfare system is by far the most gratifying job I’ve ever done. I always remember that a child can’t choose who their parents are, so they don’t have a choice in this situation and I feel blessed to have two great parents who raised me the right way.”

“During my time in the Navy, I served in three war operations and am honored to have received one Navy Accommodation Medal and five Navy Achievement Medals. I’m grateful for my travels to many countries and locations and to have had the opportunity to give back to others. To me, doing good is a short way of saying doing good deeds.  It’s ‘doing things that are good for others,’ and ‘performing actions that benefit people other than myself’. It’s making a difference in someone’s life.  It is assisting others to do good and helping them attain a good measure of worldly happiness.”