Ameris Bank is pleased to select Children’s Home Society of Florida as the Ameris Bank Non- Profit of the Month.  In partnership with the United Partners for Human Services (UPHS), this program spotlights one organization each month to showcase their good works.  Our decision to name CHS as the non-profit of the month stems from the impactful ways that they transform the lives of children.  They embody the spirit of this award by standing in the gap for those who cannot stand for themselves.

This is my story of how I became connected to their mission.

In my role at Ameris Bank, I specialize in working with non-profit organizations. Working in this capacity, I had the opportunity to meet Charles McDonald, Executive Director in Tallahassee, at the CHS annual fundraiser.  At the conclusion of the event, Charles invited me to tour the Tallahassee office to learn more about the services that CHS provides to children and families.

Later that week, as I proceeded through the tour with Charles, I was amazed to learn about the overall effects that CHS has on our community. In the past, I always associated the organization with adoptions. What I learned that day made a tremendous impact on my understanding of the holistic manner in which the organization carries out its mission by serving those in need. 

The time I spent with Charles changed my view and understanding of the organization in several ways.  For example, one of the most disturbing things I learned is the extensiveness of human trafficking.  CHS has an open-door policy for sex trafficking victims or suspected sex trafficking victims, where they provide individualized treatment for each one.  At times it was difficult to listen as I learned about the realities of trafficking that often seem so far away, yet are actually present in Tallahassee every day.

There are so many ways CHS provides resources and solutions to children in our community. These efforts are truly inspiring; I left with a different perspective about CHS and their robust services to our community.  My hope is that this award will serve to properly recognize this amazing organization for the wonderful way it carries out its mission.

Congratulations to everyone at CHS who works tirelessly to make a difference in our community.

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