These words fall short: THANKS …

It has been a pleasure to get the support you have given us from such a distinguished program, CHS’ Early Head Start Program.

Feeling the trust and support that other people provide is something that motivates a lot and more when people are trained in the area and when they carry out their work with so much love.

I greatly appreciate the education we received from the entire group, including my home visitor who taught us strategies and provided resources that we will use now and in the future.

Early Head Start has benefited my family and me. As a mother of two small children, it simply made my life easier — guiding me and teaching me to understand behavior and why children act like they do.

I have applied simple techniques to improve my home environment including daily routines and activities that can be done at home to work with the children on their physical and mental development as well as  their motor skills and more.

I have been a part of the program since I was pregnant and the support during those time was amazing. My two children successfully transitioned their next stages of learning as toddlers.

I have so much to say!

Seeing my children — and other children at CHS’ Early Head Start Program — happy and how they progress and are successful is something that is priceless.

I greatly appreciate the guidance offered and I hope that CHS can continue to provide training to those parents and children who deserve their assistance.

Thank you so much!

— Blanco Family