“I hope and pray that all kids can come into the world automatically knowing that they are loved.”

Cierra Warren is a graduate of Edward H White Academy of Leadership, c/o 2017. She is currently a student at Trinity Baptist College studying Sports Management.

A noteworthy athlete fueled by her desire to help others, Cierra is passionate about equality – both on and off the field. Currently a student at Trinity Baptist College, Cierra is studying Sports Management with the ultimate dream of owning a Major League Baseball team.

Cierra has always pictured herself as a coach – positively influencing younger individuals to work harder and become the best version of themselves. As a former student athlete at Edward H. White Academy of Leadership, Cierra began volunteering with students with special needs while in high school, eventually becoming president of the program. Cierra pictures a world where all children, regardless of their differences, have access to the same opportunities and experiences as their peers.

“I loved being involved with people who didn’t have the exact same abilities as I do – I was able to help them experience the same things I did.”

Cierra was introduced to Children’s Home Society of Florida in high school – which,  she says, opened many doors for her future. After participating in many opportunities through CHS, such as serving as a Senate Page and guest speaking at several events, Cierra reflects on her involvement with CHS an “inspiration,” and she’s a three-time recipient of CHS’ Virginia Morey Rell Memorial Scholarship. “I don’t have to stress anymore because of CHS – having a little bit of extra money is a complete blessing, to cover the cost of textbooks and other items for my education.”

When asked how it felt to be awarded the scholarship again, Cierra couldn’t contain her gratitude. “It feels amazing – this was the first and only scholarship I have ever won, and it makes me feel really good”

In addition to attending school, Cierra works full time at an organization that cares for adults with developmental disabilities. Inspired by CHS and her experience helping others, Cierra is motivated to create a program in her community to support others suffering from homelessness and economic disparities.