“In foster care, we often hear ‘Be the village’. No one embodies this more than Tracy Garmon” – Casey Hendershot, LMHC, CHS Licensed Clinical Program Supervisor

Tracy Garmon became a foster parent in 2015. She has provided a loving home to so many children in Northeast Florida she says she has lost count … but she hasn’t lost touch.

“I have met a whole lot of special little people,” said Tracy. “And as they grow up, I have kept in touch with a lot of my kids as they become adults.”

As a single, working mom Tracy found a strong support system with the Children’s Home Society of Florida counseling and foster care teams.

“The greatest support is being able to reach someone at all times. At CHS, they answer phone on weekends, weekdays, late nights and during any crisis,” said Tracy. “It is encouraging to know you are not alone. CHS provides the extra help to keep going even when sometimes you just need a listening ear.”

“Ms. Garmon goes above and beyond for every child in her home,” said Casey Hendershot, CHS Licensed Clinical Program Supervisor. “She is open to creative problem-solving to help a child find comfort and stability, often humbly making many personal sacrifices. She is incredibly dedicated, hilarious, and has a heart of gold. We are proud to be part of the village alongside Ms. Garmon.”

Ms. Tracy Garmon is a Specialized Therapeutic Foster Parent in Northeast Florida

Tracy loves to inspire the children in her care to play, grow, accomplish their goals and reach their full potential.

“Over the years, I have cared for many older teens and I always encourage them to take advantage of their potential, take advantage of the resources available to help them find success. I want all of my kids to build and follow through with strong long-term goals,” Tracy says.

At Children’s Home Society of Florida, we often see a greater need for foster homes for teens. Whether these teens are on-track to return home or move towards adult independence, studies show that foster parents can help improve kids’ opportunities and lifelong outcomes.

“I love children. I love helping children feel safe and loved. For me, that is my most important role,” says Tracy.

If you’re interested in learning more about fostering, visit chsfl.org/foster.