The Challenge

Mia’s struggles with behavior and mental health began when she was in Pre-K, according to her mother. She would have immense anger outbursts at home and school that involved screaming, crying, throwing and breaking items. These behaviors persisted for years, reaching an all-time intensity throughout her 3rd grade year in 2019-20, when she received 4 out of school suspensions for threatening the safety of others. This Eccleston Elementary scholar also lives with a learning disability, which created additional communication challenges for her when she felt dysregulated. When COVID-19 caused Mia’s school to shut down, her mom felt even more concerned about her daughter’s ability to get the help she needed to succeed emotionally, academically and socially.

The Solution

Mia’s trajectory began to shift when the Community Partnership Schools model allowed for her to begin Counseling and Targeted Case Management through CHS. In June of 2020, Mia began to meet virtually every week with her Clinical Counselor and her TCM to process her emotions, build her confidence, learn about coping skills and find resources that would help her reach her goals. CHS ensured that wrap-around care was provided for Mia through consistent and thorough collaboration with her family, teachers, special education support staff and administrators. This created the opportunity for a smooth transition back to Eccleston for Mia in the fall of the 20-21 school year when she returned for F2F learning.

The Impact

Mia’s behavior and outlook on life has changed drastically over the last 6 months. She has had no in-school or out of school suspensions and has only had 2 anger outbursts at school over the course of the first semester of the 2020-21 school year, thus far. When Mia meets with her counselor, she reports feeling happy, calm and supported. Mia stated that, “my counselor and [case manager] make me so happy and help me be a good girl”. Mia has since gained the confidence to join a dance team and make friends in her class, according to her teacher.

When Mia’s counselor asked her teacher how Mia was doing in class on 12/16/20, her teacher stated, “I love to see how much she’s grown socially. She started the year off keeping to herself the majority of the time and not knowing how to have positive interactions with her peers. So happy to say that your work is really paying off.”