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Florida is in a crisis! Florida ’s Title 4E Waiver is days away from expiring – October 1, 2019.  Although Florida’s Child Welfare Stakeholders have been preparing for this dramatic system change, there is a great possibility we will not be prepared, and children will suffer.

This will put $120 million at risk for services that safely keep kids at home — and out of foster care. This is a crisis for 10,000 Florida children.

We need Congress’ support to extend our 4E Waiver or provide transitional funding for the two years until Florida implements the federal Family First Prevention Services Act so children can continue to receive the preventive services and keep families stronger together.

Please contact your local Congressional Member (don’t know who that is? Click on this link : ) and request their support and action:

1st: THANK our 24 Congressional members for signing on to support a solution.

2nd: ASK your Congressional member to keep this issue a priority and to find a legislative or administrative solution so we can continue to serve kids through proven programs.  We need supplemental funding in the continuing resolution, or we need a workaround for Florida so we do not jeopardize the future of Florida children.

Social Advocates:
Stay connected

Click ‘Read More’ to find your congressional member’s social media handle.

Member of CongressTwitterFacebook
Bilirakis, Gus M.@RepGusBilirakis
Buchanan, Vern@VernBuchanan
Castor, Kathy@USRepKCastor
Crist, Charlie@CharlieCrist
Demings, Val@Val_Demings
Deutch, Ted@RepTedDeutch
Diaz-Balart, Mario@MarioDB
Dunn, Neal@DrNealDunn
Frankel, Lois@RepLoisFrankel
Gaetz, Matt@MattGaetz
Hastings, Alcee L.@RepHastingsFL
Lawson, Al@AlLawsonJr
Mast, Brian@BrianMastFL
Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie@RepDMP
Murphy, Stephanie@SMurphyCongress
Posey, Bill@congbillposey
Rubio, Marco@marcorubio
Rutherford, John@JRutherfordFL
Scott, Rick@ScottforFlorida
Shalala, Donna E.@RepShalala
Soto, Darren@USRepDarrenSot
Steube, W. Gregory@RepGregSteube
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie@RepDWStweets
Wilson, Frederica@RepWilson
Yoho, Ted@RepTedYoho

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2020 Legislative Agenda

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Thank you 2019 CHS advocates for empowering children and families to build bridges to success.

2019 Legislative Success

Read the2019 Legislative Impact Report for full details.

Opening doors for future leaders: Senate Page Program

Annually, nearly a dozen youth receive CHS sponsorships to participate in the highly coveted Senate Page program in the Florida Legislature. Thanks to committed senators, teens in CHS programs, including our Community Partnership Schools, can experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a firsthand look into the legislative process.

Teens work alongside lawmakers and have the chance to share their personal testimonies, providing legislators with unique perspectives about how decisions at the Capitol impact lives.

Since 2009, more than 75 CHS youth have experienced the Senate Page program.

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