What's it really like?

Embarking upon a new career is exciting ... and there's no better place to begin that career than at Children's Home Society of Florida.

Interested in joining our team as a case manager? Take a few minutes to listen to one of our dependency case managers talk about what it's really like working in child welfare.

A career with Children's Home Society of Florida will be unlike any other ... in addition to playing a valuable role in changing children's lives, you'll enjoy the tremendous benefits of serving with an organization that truly cares about its employees. Here's what just a few of our team members have to say about it:

"What I love about Children’s Home Society of Florida: the eagerness of all of my peers and co-workers to assist me when I need help. My co-workers are so selfless and always there to lend a hand or help answer any questions I have, even if it means staying late or coming in early to help!" - Bethany

"I love that every time someone asks: “So, what do you do for work?” I feel proud to reply that I work at Children's Home Society of Florida. It’s amazing to me that whenever people hear this, they have really positive things to say about Children's Home Society of Florida and  the lives of children that we impact everyday. I love that the organization has made a difference in so many children’s lives and continues to impact people from all walks of life who have been affected or have seen the effects of all of the hard work that each and every employee has had. It is nice to work for an organization that gets recognized for the way it changes lives and makes a difference. On a personal level, I love that by working at Children's Home Society of Florida, I get to sit with children and talk and get to know their stories and then have the opportunity to assist in bettering their lives. I love that when I close a case, the children are and I are both sad to have to say goodbye, because THAT is the kind of difference I can make to a child. As they say… It’s the hardest job, you’ll ever love."  -Tesha 

"I love that Children's Home Society of Florida provides me with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children every day. I also love the supportive atmosphere that my co-workers here create every day!" -Briana 

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