A Child's Life

If you suspect child abuse,
call (800) 96-ABUSE

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Who we are

Christine and Camdyn


Our mission:

Embracing Children. Inspiring Lives.

Our dream:

  • To break the generational cycle of child abuse in more families.
  • To protect children from harm.
  • To heal children who've been hurt.
  • To create strong, stable families.
  • To help children grow up safe, healthy and prepared for life.

What we do

We protect and heal children. We build and strengthen families. We rescue and embrace teens struggling to survive on their own. We prepare youth for bright futures. Find out how we do it.

Always doing better for kids

We owe it to kids to consistently find ways to do it better. So we do.

Research reveals that abuse is generational. So we declared our ambitious goal: to break this tragic cycle in more families. And we have. But we’ve done so much more, too – all because we believe kids, teens and families deserve the very best we can give. Check out what we're doing!


Chief Executive Officer: Michael J. Shaver

A longtime advocate for children and a recognized leader in the child welfare industry, Mr. Shaver believes in using research, evidence and data to develop, deliver and analyze innovative practices and programs to ensure children and families receive only effective, quality services. He is committed to driving change within Florida's child welfare system and is respected thought leader committed to doing what's best for children. Continue reading about Mr. Shaver.

Local leadership

Our work begins in our communities, with compassionate volunteers and dedicated staff who care for our children. Our local leaders are crucial in our service to kids and families. Meet our leaders.

Statewide leadership

The power of our communities multiplies with the leadership of our statewide governing Board of Directors. These volunteers are charged with ensuring our strategic pursuit to better serve children and families. Meet our leaders.

Honorable roots

Caring for kids since 1902

Thousands of children, dirty, malnourished and alone, boarded the Orphan Trains near the turn of the 20th Century, desperately hoping to find families. Under the leadership of Reverend D.W. Comstock, Children's Home Society of A little girl who found a home with Children's Home Society of Florida more than half a century agoFlorida was established in Jacksonville on November 17, 1902. With a staff of two, we found homes for 21 children our initial year, operating with a budget of $400. Less than a decade later, Marcus “Daddy” Fagg became State Superintendent, guiding us toward our unwavering leadership in the child welfare arena. Uncover more of our history.


With more than 100,000 kids and their family members counting on us, we have more than 1,800 dedicated professionals serving every community in Florida. Our 15 primary locations and 90+ offices ensure we're reaching children in all 67 counties.

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Children's Home Society of Florida recognizes, respects, promotes and celebrates the value of cultural diversity. Your ethnic or cultural customs, practices and beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, disability and community differences will be respected by agency staff.

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