• Children's Home Society of Florida helps teens pursue meaningful lives
  • Children's Home Society of Florida brings families together
  • Children's Home Society of Florida gives hope to kids
  • Children's Home Society of Florida gives hope to teens

We change lives. Join us.

When kids are hurting, we help them heal.

When kids need a safe place to call "home," we find them loving families.

When parents want to provide stable, nurturing homes for their babies, we help.

When families are in crisis, we help them rebuild trust. Create stronger bonds.

We create brighter futures for kids, for families, for communities.

Kids need us. They need you. Together, we'll make an even bigger difference.

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Our children seem invisible. Not because people don't care - because they don't know. They don't know their pain. Their fear. It's time to uncover those secrets, to grow the band of advocates fighting for Florida's kids.


We create it every day. Join us.

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