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Thousands of Florida's kids need a safe place to call "home."

Do you have room in your heart?

Foster families

Have room in your heart and home for our kids?

Will you be a foster parent to hurting children ?Thousands - yes, thousands - of Florida kids rely on compassionate, patient, committed, selfless, courageous, loving foster parents to provide the safe, nurturing homes they so desperately need. These children, through no fault of their own, have lost all sense of security. After suffering abuse or neglect at the hands of those supposed to love them most - their own families - they were removed from their homes for their safety and protection.

When they leave their homes, they leave all that is familiar. Uncertain of what tomorrow will bring, victimized children become part of another family - their foster family - until they can safely return home or, if that's never possible, until they can join a "forever family" through adoption.

Our foster parents open their hearts, homes and families to kids in need of stability, love, guidance and acceptance. Sometimes a child will be part of their family for two days. Sometimes two months or two years. Yet, amidst uncertainty, our foster parents are devoted to helping kids heal from their pain. Devoted to guiding our kids, encouraging our kids.

Our foster parents are amazing. But we need more. If you're ready to open your heart and home to a child caught between a painful past and an uncertain future, this may be the journey for you. If you're ready to show a child the love of a family, we're ready to talk with you about fostering. Yes, it'll be challenging. But the rewards will be indescribable.

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Call the office serving your community and ask to speak with the foster care recruiter:

Miami-Dade (Southeastern): (305) 969-4315

Northeast Florida (Buckner): (904) 493-7744

Greater Orlando Area (Central Florida): (407) 262-7688  or Sharon.Shoemaker@chsfl.org

Broward County (Intercoastal): (954) 453-6469 or Heather.Bottoms@chsfl.org

Big Bend area (North Central): (850) 219-4235

Volusia/Flagler/Putnam counties (North Coastal): (386) 304-7600

Okeechobee/Treasure Coast (Treasure Coast): (772) 344-4020

Palm Beach County: (561) 310-3052

Pensacola and the Western Panhandle (Western): (850) 266-2700

Don't see your community? We may not provide this service in your area, but we can connect you with other opportunities! Email info@chsfl.org for more ways to help local kids.

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