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29th Annual Chefs' Sampler

THANK YOU for joining us for an amazing evening! View more photos here.

We are incredibly grateful for the support of our sponsors, restaurants and community.

Together, we are making a difference for children in the Big Bend.

Thanks for joining us for the Capital City’s premier food event! As the first, biggest and best food-, wine- and beer-tasting event in the Big Bend, it is also the most popular. Each year, sell-out crowds of more than 2,000 fill the venues to sample the best cuisine around. This year was no exception, and we are tremendously grateful for all of our generous sponsors, patrons and fabulous restaurants!

Can't wait to start planning to sponsor, participate in or attend next year's event? Contact Chris Atib at (850) 219-4205 or christopher.atib@chsfl.org.
For restaurant participation, contact Sarah Dittman at (850) 219-4206 or sarah.dittman@chsfl.org.

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